We are Surendranagar(India) based entity and have become a primary choice of the buyers owing to our timeliness. In order to ensure zero defects at buyer’s end, we make sure that we conduct stringent quality procedures.

Features : Size from 1/2″ to 3″ BSP, Capacity from 20 LPM to 500 LPM max, Working Pressure 11KG/CM2, Temp 90°C Viscocity, 10,000 CST

  • Compact
  • Low Noise
  • Efficient
  • Easy Maintainable
  • Cost Economical


Applications : ‘ROTODEL’ Rotary gear pumps are useful for handling viscouse liquids i.e.all kind of oils, vicouse chemicals,and food application. Following liquid can be handle with them.

  • All kind of mineral oils.
  • All kind of vegetable oils.
  • Coal tar, Bitumen, asphalts
  • Paints & varnish
  • Sugar molasses & syrups
  • Printing inks & Dyes.
  • All kind of fish & animal oils.
  • Glycerine & glycole.
  • Fuel oil, Diesel oil & funace oil
  • Soap solution & lard.
  • Glue.
  • Viscouse chemicals.

Rotary gear pumps finds wide application in Power Plant, Steel Mills, Refineries, Oil Storage Instolation etc.

Design improvement is a continous process at DEL there for information in this catalouge is subject to change without notice.